10 Harmful Side Effects of Wearing Makeup Regularly

There is a constant expectation to look your best all the time in a world where your life is judged by how great you look in your Facebook posts and Instagram photos. However, wanting to be always selfie-ready comes at a cost. For years, the makeup industry has told women that a little foundation and mascara can instantly brighten up their faces. While this is true, wearing makeup every day can have several negative effects on your skin and body.


Chemicals like “DMDM Hydantoin”  and “diazolidinyl urea”, both of which emit formaldehyde, are common ingredients in many cosmetic products and are used as antimicrobial preservatives. These chemicals have been shown to cause headaches, mucous membrane irritation, and eye damage. If you’ve been getting headaches and can’t figure out why, try wearing less makeup for a few days and see if the headache goes away.

2-Hair Problems

With changing fashion trends, there is also a new wave of hair trends. Hair products such as gels, serums, shampoos, conditioners, and sprays contain several harmful chemicals that set your hair but end up damaging it in the long run. Excessive use of chemical-based hair products may result in dandruff, scalp redness, hair thinning, and even hair loss. Long-term hair color use may also cause discoloration.


This is a common makeup side effect that most women have encountered. Your skin is an organ just like any other in your body. It must also breathe and grow. When you apply makeup to your skin, you end up clogging it. Certain types of makeup, such as liquids and creams, clog your skin’s pores. This causes the formation of blackheads, which, if not cleaned regularly, can lead to acne. So, before going to bed, make sure you thoroughly clean your makeup with a natural cleanser.

4-Skin Allergies

Parabens, which include ethyl-paraben, butyl-paraben, and isopropyl-paraben, are used as preservatives in cosmetics to inhibit bacterial development. Parabens can cause adverse responses such as skin irritation, rashes, and pimples. Salicylate is another prevalent allergen in cosmetics that can produce unpleasant rashes or hives if you have sensitive skin. In many situations, the allergic reaction does not become obvious until the symptoms worsen. Before you buy, check the label for parabens.

5-Eye Infections

Even ladies who do not use a lot of makeup use a lot of eye makeup. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that the skin surrounding your eyes and around your eyes in general is the most delicate part of your face. Layers of eye makeup can be harmful to your eyes since it can go into the corners and irritate them. Too much mascara and eyeliner hinders lash development and serves as a breeding ground for germs, perhaps leading to irritations and infections.


Skincare items and antiperspirants are straightforwardly consumed by your skin, so almost certainly, the synthetic compounds utilized in these items additionally saturate your body. A review led on rodents found that butyl paraben unfavorably influences the emission of testosterone and the capability of the male conceptive system.1 though the purchasers of beauty care products are significantly ladies, it’s as yet critical to take note of the unfriendly impacts parabens can have on the regenerative framework. Parabens are generally utilized in the skincare business and even items marked regular could have parabens.

7-Premature Ageing

At the point when you use skin items for a more extended timeframe, the synthetics present will quite often for all time harm your skin. With time, you could start to see skin maturing signs likes kinks or sketchiness all over and body. While cosmetics helps you stow away or cover defects in your skin, the drawn out impacts could be counterproductive. Additionally, taking into account how large the counter maturing items market is, corrective organizations have no motivation to diminish the maturing impacts of cosmetics.

8-Hormonal Imbalance

Delayed utilization of beauty care products can affect your endocrine framework and disrupt the working of the thyroid organ. Triclosan is an ordinarily utilized substance compound and can be found in items like skin break out evacuation cleans and antiperspirants to keep them liberated from microbes. With ordinary use, triclosan gets consumed and amassed in your body and influences the thyroid organ causing a lopsidedness in the hormonal discharges. This could prompt thyroid related conditions like cerebral pains, weight gain, and sadness.


Large numbers of the synthetic based beauty care products accessible in the stores today contain poisonous fixings that could cause disease. With guidelines set up, testing is being finished on the fixings before the items can be sold. In any case, beauty care products organizations need just demonstrate that there will be no quick destructive outcomes. So there is no convincing examination done on the drawn out impacts of the relative multitude of fixings. Attempt and keep away from items with the accompanying fixings.


Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-delivering additives (quaternium-15, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, and 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3 diol)


Coal tar


Untreated or somewhat treated mineral oils

Ethylene oxide


Cadmium and its mixtures


Translucent silica

10-Skin Discoloration

Skin items like sunscreens, lotions, toners, and creams contain specialists that detergent or obscure the skin. Corrective items that utilization low quality fixings which have not been managed can prompt skin staining. The impact could be patches, pigmentation, lopsided complexion, redness, and spots. However your skin is intended to safeguard you, it is additionally exceptionally delicate and requirements to treated with care. So try not to involve compound items for your everyday skincare schedule.

Utilizing substance based beauty care products consistently can unfavorably affect your skin and might prompt long-lasting harm. The most ideal way to keep away from these results of cosmetics is by diminishing the utilization of beauty care products and changing to regular or natural items. What’s more, consistently make sure to peruse the mark for unsafe synthetic substances before you purchase.


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