The best places to know absolutely in Lisbon

A nightlife reminiscent of Havana, trams, and bridges like in San Francisco, rehabilitated docks reminiscent of London, and an Alfama district similar to the medinas of the Maghreb, Lisbon is a journey in itself. Two hours by plane from Paris, it is the ideal destination to enjoy the last rays of summer sunshine for a weekend.

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

An architectural nugget inaugurated in the 1960s, the Ritz Lisbon has just been entirely renovated by the Oitoemponto architect studio. Dream hotel were to put down your suitcases, and the place managed by the Four Seasons group compiles all the assets. From the lobby, with masterful volumes, visitors first discover cozy lounges that combine tapestries, frescoes by artists, and listed bronzes. Upstairs, the rooms bathed in light contemplate the city and are topped by a panoramic gym. In the garden, there is a lagoon-colored swimming pool, a stone’s throw from the spa, whose signature treatment, called digital detox, helps to release muscle tension while enjoying a facial treatment that combats the harmful effects of light. blue screens. The cherry on the cake? The gourmet restaurant Cura is led by chef Pedro Pena Bastos, who reinvents the local terroir with great finesse.

Pastelaria Benard Ideal

At breakfast time, the Pastelaria Benard offers some tempting proposals: freshly squeezed orange juice, very black coffee, and above all famous Portuguese pastries such as pasties de Nata (a kind of small flans presented in tartlets) and bolo de Arroz (small muffins with rice flour).


The city’s first private club, NINHO has just opened its doors a stone’s throw from the Jardim do Torel. A real oasis surrounded by greenery, the place brings together a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by terracotta mosaic but also and above all the restaurant of chef Hugo Dias de Castro. On the menu? Watermelon and cherry tomato gazpacho, tuna tartare, local oysters, or even grilled fish. A Vida Portuguesa Porto cologne, handmade wicker baskets, colorful soaps, Benamôr hand creams, retro sardine tins… A Vida Portuguesa is a valuable address for finding the best local products with this charm. a bit outdated. Designed by Catarina Portas, this charming boutique has also taken up residence in the Intendente, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Lisbon. Another reason to go there is to find Lisbon specialties to bring back in your suitcase.

The Taberna at Rua das Flores

Sam Baron’s favorite address, La Taberna da Rua das Flores is considered one of the best restaurants in Lisbon. A great tapas specialist, this small restaurant located in the Chiado district creates its daily menu based on market finds and its cellar is full of excellent bottles from the region’s vineyards. Note, it is better to book.

The Bairro Alto district

Perched at the top of Lisbon, the Bairro Alto has gone in a few years from a popular district to a much artier one. Considered today as the cool spot of the moment, wise during the day, ultra-festive at night, it brings together in a few small cobbled streets trendy hairdressers, boutiques of young designers, artists’ studios… Innovative places simply make you want to take a look there.

Palace do Grilo

Within the walls of a palace dating from the 18th century, Palacio do Grilo is a UFO in itself. In a hushed decor, lit by candles and with very theatrical furniture, visitors sit down in a series of adjoining rooms. Offering a simple and effective menu, the twist of the place lies in the fact that a troupe of actors performs unexpected performances there every evening.

Praia Da Riviera

Once past the April 25 bridge, over the Tagus, just follow the road that runs along the Costa da Caparica to reach Praia Da Riviera. A huge beach whipped by the waves of the Atlantic just thirty minutes by car from Lisbon. Not to be missed on-site, the fish restaurant of the same name which overlooks the bay, for an iodized dinner.

Cerâmicas na Linha    

Temple of Portuguese ceramics, Cerâmicas na Linha declines nuggets of the genre. Colorful, inspired by local azulejos or in the shape of fruits and vegetables, some signed Bordallo Pinheiro and Costa Nova… There is something for everyone.

Palace do Visconde

At brunch time, head for the Palacio do Visconde. In a quiet townhouse, the place has its coffee factory and declines the great classics of the genre.

Posto da Onda

A stone’s throw from the city, Pôsto da Onda is the boho beach run by the same team as the Nômade hotel in Tulum. Facing the waves of the Atlantic, the day unfolds according to everyone’s desires, whether you want to surf, sunbathe or enjoy ceviches with your feet in the sand.


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